Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The recent explosion of social-media networks on the Internet has brought to the
fore deficiency in a very vital element of human relationship: which is close-up-
one-on-one contact.

Today, so many IT savvy people have formed the habit of going online in search of
friendship, companionship, business partnership and sundry relationships.

Because of the length of time they spend online, this has left many users of such
sites especially youths, with faint knowledge about the dynamics of human nature
and or characteristics on a personal one on one level.

With this trend comes in various challenges of groping in the dark: because the
person one may be dealing with at the other end, may well be phony in real life.

Hence, before one should say yes to any partnership proposal, be it for marriage,
friendship, or business with anybody;  be it online or offline; it is imperative to
look deeply before plunging into the relationship-pool.  

It should be borne in mind that, in our contemporary social interactions, image packaging is upheld in inter-personal relationships rather than “reality portrayal.”

This latest human phenomenon has lured almost all of us into concealing our real selves towards attaining set targets through others: via portrayal of false personalities in social circles.

It is therefore with this in mind that 3D principle was evolved to serve as a proactive guide towards unraveling the true personalities of those who wish to partner with us in any form of relationship in our lives.

It should however, be borne in mind that 3Ds does not contain a list of exhaustive measures to be deployed in discovering human characteristics via psycho analytical techniques.

Rather, it is principally aimed at giving an insightful start up in a journey of discovering the divergent motive-force of that creature made by God, called the human being.

In the main, anytime we wish to allow a new person into our lives, it is absolutely necessary to discover his/her 3Ds before we say yes. These are:

1)         DRIVES

Just like in Information Technology, drives forms the main elements that gives life to any appliance be it Printer, Camera, Projector etc; as a functional interface with our Computers.

In humanity the same thing applies: Our actions and or in-actions are all driven by forces or spirits that could easily be classified into positive and or negative:

Positive Drives

a)   Positive spiritualism (Devotion to the commands of the Almighty)
b)   Conscience
c)    Imbibed positive knowledge
d)   Positive cultures
e)   Spirit of Sacrifice for others
f)     Spirit of Productivity
g)   Spirit of self denial
h)   Spirit of compassion
i)     Universality
j)     etc

Negative Drives
a)   Devil
b)   Self
c)    People
d)   Trends
e)   Negative circumstances
f)     Poverty of the mind
g)   Pride
h)   Negative cultures
i)     Obsession for material wealth
j)      Obsession to life
k)    Hedonism (Obsession for fun)
l)      Being Religious (outward portrayal of sectorial belief as against true devotion to God)

With these and even so much more other human drives in mind, it behooves on us to find out what type of spirit that is driving those that we come across in our lives: this would serve as proactive measures to forestall future pains and angsts.


While it is true that those we come across may portray polished and or modern personalities, it is very necessary to dive into their mind to discover hidden deficiencies lurking therein.

This step is absolutely necessary, because these deficiencies will sooner than latter, blossom into obstacles that could hinder the smooth running of the relationship. These are:

a)   Spiritual deficiency
b)   Intellectual deficiency
c)    Physical/Mental health deficiency
d)   Material wealth deficiency
e)   Character
f)     Personality
g)   Social skills
h)   Emotional stability


a)   Selfless and capable to pursue the dreams
b)   Selfless but incapable of pursuing the dream
c)    Selfish dreams but harmless to others
d)   Selfish dreams but harmful to others
e)   Symbiotic dreams (to give and take)
f)     Personal development dreams
g)   Dreamless

It is certainly true that one man’s meat is another man’s poison, hence what is ok for one person may not be so to others: Thus, it is absolutely necessary for us to know what type of partner we desire in the different facets of our lives. Find below my personal Ideal 3Ds. Yours might defer though:



Positive Spiritualism:
  • This is the best drive to find in a husband or wife.
  • These partners are not hypocritical about their relationship with their maker; and hence they have inner stability to weather the storm of life
  • They are very reliable in any sort of relationship.
  • They are very much likely to have nearly all the other positive drives in their personalities.


Spiritual Deficiency
  • This is the worst deficiency one may find in any partner for any type of relationship. 
  • This person has the likelihood of being deficient in all facets of his/her life 
  • Avoid anyone found to lack a strong bond with the Almighty except if what is required is an alliance with someone to carry out evil.


Symbiotic Dreamer
  • This dreamer is an achiever who has a balance of both spiritual and material dreams
  • The person knows what it takes to get from others and how to give back to humanity
  • This character trait plays out in any form of relationship they may find themselves


No matter the drives, deficiency, or dreams obtained in our future partners, it is not possible to find a perfect human being.

What is however critical in choosing our partners is to identify what we do not want in; and can’t tolerate in others:

By so doing, we stand a chance to overlook the outward looks of the person: which we shall ultimately get used to over time.

It is also absolutely necessary to have a vision of what type of family one wants to form; and to seek for a person with requisite qualities to fill up key responsibilities therein.

It should also be borne in mind that some deficiencies can form the basis for our resolve to shower selfless love to others; to reach out to make a positive difference; but without the intention of changing the person.

Ali Baba Yakubu
Capacity Builder in Holistic Visioning
 1st May 2012

The Beauty of life through the lens of my pal: Julie D

Monday, November 28, 2011



Circumstance used its knife to engrave timeless features;
In our heart: its pains made up indelible scriptures:
Which shall forever more shape our today and “futures.”

As the eagle soar through the skies, we became distinct creatures;
That may never be discerned without tracing our treasures;
Through the rain, through the pain, we are nurtured by nature.

I inhaled through my lungs beckoning for divine endless will;
To make me smile through our days of blissful windmill;
When we used to run and fall as mum fix our meal.

Life was smooth sailing then, on an innocent downing hill,
But today in our prime time we pray on hurtful bill:
Wandering through this life as if trapped in shark’s gill.

The portrait above has been transfixed as a tattoo in my eyes
Which shall never fade; and never told in colorful lies;
Through it, I am poised to live in destined castle or a shanty with flies.

I glanced at my tattoo with fears for Afghanistan
I glanced at my tattoo with love for my ebony tan;
I glanced at my tattoo with tears for Pakistan.

I shifted my gaze down to glorious Tunis-Arabian premise;
I quivered and dithered wandering through a dreamy promise:
Oh mine or mine when shall Palestine make the world so wise?

With my heartbeat rising, I can see, not far from home, the ocean of blood.
I can see in my tattoo, raging fires; of tribe; of race; of devilish vengeance sold
From Jos-Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, to Libya hold forte conscience ran cold.

As the downing comes close, the tattoo becomes bloodier,
I pray to You or Lord to maintain my heart to remain friendlier:
So that in this dark world, dark days: dark hearts, I become Your chandelier.

Revert the tattoo in my eyes into a beauty to behold.
Convert our evil thoughts into pristine priceless gold.
And when the darkness is bought, Oh Lord give us light; make us bold.

Ali Baba Yakubu
10th April 2011

Where is the Rose (A Poem for Peace and Love)

Where is The Rose (A Poem for peace and love)

Where is the rose?
Where is the prose?

Where is the cross?
Where is the dose?

I beckon for love;
I beckon for dove.

I beckon for sanity;
I beckon for civility.

I pray for sincerity;
I pray for tranquility.

Why oh why has humanity got lost;
Why oh why are we obsessed with lust?

When shall we walk along paradise streams?
When shall we burst into blissful screams?

In anguish and wailings, our fate seams doomed;
In temper and hatred, we are never so groomed.

From Karachi down to Kanemi, blood streams are fountains;
From York CIty, down to Yankari, vengeance forms mountains.

I tremble with compassion,
While the children gasp in convulsion.

I stop in my nightie as the wailing goes high;
I wonder in my heart when shall neighbours say hi?

Oh Lord of universal creed, when will You step in?
Oh Lord of all else, cleanse our hate into Your waste bin.

Cleanse our tears;
Douse our fears.

Make us rise above ourselves;
Give us rice to mask our shelves.

Convert our tears into joyful screams;
Convert us oh Lord, into Your building beams.

Take my hand; make me write above my brains;
Shower our thirst, Oh Dear Lord, with Your heavenly rains.

Ali Baba Yakubu
10th November 2011

Friday, March 4, 2011


I listened to the wailing children and women so old;
When the bombs explode and spines run cold.
I listened to the anguish of the bereaved now sold.
I shed tears in anger and fondness praying to be bold.

I walked to the alter of Allah trembling as a mortal;
I knew somehow, we have to gather every petal.
I knew somehow our deen is immortal.
I knew somehow our hearts are not metal.

When shall we see the beauty of our deen?
When shall we keep our hearts so pure and clean?
When shall we soar to heights above human shin?
When shall we rise above earthly devilish sin?

From the hot winds of Afghanistan;
To the dry winds of troubled Pakistan;
Up to the lonesome souls of Uzbekistan;
Comes forth the need to keep our skin tan.

It is time to go back to Allah's ray;
And so we have to gather every petal today.
Hence, we have to keep the devilish hate at bay.
Oh Brother, take my hand as we dance through "Sunnah" sway.

La'ila Ha Illah Muhammadu Rasulullah!!!!

Dedicated to my Pakistani Pals:
Especially Mian Kamran: who wanted me to write a poem
with a phrase:"We Have To Gather Every Petal."

Ali Baba Yakubu
2 March 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

Facebook Status Update 2

If you want to be successful in life.... fulfill the dreams of others
If you want to be loved endlessly... love others selflessly
If you want to be powerful... be caring to your followers
If you want to douse your fears....focus on your mission
If you want to be immune from sadness.....be selfless
If you want to go miles in life... always smile
If you want to be healthy... don't be filthy

Facebook Status Update

Those who hate sink; while those who love soar
Those who hoard lark; while those who give get
Those who gossip bleed; while those who read lead
Those who ride cry; while those who walk fly
Those who disbelieve die; while those who believe live
Those who destroy wail: while those who build sail
Those who steal degenerate; while those who sow generate

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Life is a smile
That takes us through its mile
And heart ache on our journey to the Nile
In eternal bliss and heavenly line.

Life is most times surreal
With beauty and laughter; so real
With tenderness for heart to feel
With loved ones on a roller coaster deal.

But life can shower endless pain
When we wonder where is death's gain
When we wail in anguish rolling on a plain
When days becomes cloudy as if on a rocking plane.

Life can be like children at play
When they run under God's ray
When HE gives them his HIS heavenly hay
As they fall and rise up far from sick bay.

As i looked into your tender eyes
I can't help but pray for you God 's ice
To mellow the hurt in your heart: over human lies
I also wish that you soar; to become reality wise.

The Picture of My Heart (A Poem)

If i should paint the picture of my heart,
I will choose red, and yellow; to show am hurt,
I will depict tears and anguish; for all the hate,
I will depict fears and hopelessness for heaven's gate.

I will paint a big question mark: gnawing for answers,
I will paint a sign post invoking Almighty's powers,
To stop these senseless bloodletting showers,
To stop the madness and devilish prowess.

When shall we have peace in Plateau?
When shall we have a national chateau?
Where compassion dwells with love,
Where lives heavenly peaceful dove.

Rest in peace past and present Plateau victims.
Rest in peace Bako Haram's Tom-Ibrahims.
Rest in peace decency, love and peace.
Rest in peace leadership and eternal bliss.

Ali Baba Yakubu
26th December 201

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


And the girl came near my car window
Looking charming; smiling like a widow
I smiled back at her holding back my tears
In a controlled rage i told God all my fears
I reached into my pocket to buy her wears.

I do not need it but i must show i care
Lest i die and God shows me HIS fire.
Tell me why, oh why, we worship our desire
Leaving other souls in agonizing despair?

I know someday we shall answer our deeds
Regardless of age, colour or spiritual creeds
I know someday we shall stand on heavenly weeds
To smile so less, in trembling fears; as some of us weeps.

Oh Lord of our blood, save our souls; make us smile
Oh Lord of our bones, take us along paradise isle
Oh Lord of our soul, take us along righteous mile
Oh Lord of our life, kill our greed and inner vile.

Before that day comes, Oh Lord, show us Your way
Show us the majesty of your mercy and Heavenly ray
Touch the hearts of our kings so we can dance in Your sway
Make it so our children get a new deal: to visit no sick bay
Make it so every day is none but a blissful merriment day.

I close my eyes only to see them dancing; holding sweet creams
In joyful laughter, they run through Your garden; in “belleful” screams
In praises to Your name, the parents sat across heavenly streams.
I woke up to pray to You: Oh Dear lord, make it real as seen in our dreams.

Ali Baba Yakubu
27th May 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010


From the serene air of Plateau hills
To the creeks of Rwanda and Niger Delta wells
Up to the plain lands of Savannah dunes
Comes a clarion call to shut up the hurtful wails.

From the protruding stomachs of ageless folks
To the skeletal legs of corpses on aimless walks
Up to the anguish of an expectant mother
Comes a clarion call for all of us to bother.

More than ever before; life is now valueless
More than ever before; life is now meaningless
More than ever before; wealth is now priceless
More than ever before; love is now worthless.

At the call of devilish instincts
When mortals should be in their precincts
Arson, destruction has become the latest fashion
All carried out in the name of indigenous preservation.

When other nations are going to Venus
And forging colour-blind-anti-racial nexus
"Wei" are still embroiled in senseless warfare
With gluttonous rulers: allergic to being fair.

Enmeshed in myopic miasma, the rulers corner the common wealth
By using tribal whip to share mirage: while looting in steady stealth
As they loot and share, no one echoes tribal beats: as the plan is in health
But when it goes awry, they promote arson, genocide and wanton death.

When will our oil dry
So the masses may cease to cry
When will our venom dry
So our wishes will surreal fly
When will our hatred dry
So our smile will remain not wry
When will our tears dry
So we can dance like surreal Sly?

Ali Baba Yakubu
11th August 2010